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DDR/East German Stud:
   Joker von den Wilden Teufeln
DDR/East German Female:
   Gypsy vom Grenzpolizei
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Puppies For Sale
Visit our upcoming litter page for future litters of Czech puppies, DDR puppies, and  and West German Sheperd puppies for sale.

We do not have any puppies for sale at this time.


Purchasing a Vom Grenzpolizei puppy gives you the assurance that you are receiving a well socialized animal that has been fed a nutritionally correct food that meets the demands of a growing puppy’s body and who is up to date on all inoculations and worming. Our puppies have been loved and handled since birth. They’ve all lived in our home and have been well socialized. All Vom Grenzpolizei puppies come with a written contract which includes a health and hip guarantee.

Our focus is to breed quality West German Shepherds, DDR Shepherds (East German - Deutsche Demokratische Republik) and Czech Shepherds. Our dogs have outstanding pedigrees and come from  champion bloodlines. Future breedings will produce offspring with strong working bloodlines that bring out the  exceptional qualities of their pedigrees, which we expect in the overall character and temperament of our dogs. We breed for solid bone structure, beautiful pigmentation, instinctive high prey and retrieve drives, solid nerves, good social behavior and defense presentation. Our puppies come from both the West German lines and the East German DDR lines. Our West German Shepherds have black and red coats and our DDR Shepherds have solid black, bi-color, and dark black sable coats. Our puppies are excellent candidates for police K9 units, search and rescue, agility and obedience competition, schutzhund competition, personal and family protection and above all else, a perfect loving companion.

Litters will be priced according to pedigree and bloodlines. All puppies sold require a $500.00 nonrefundable deposit plus PayPal fees to make a reservation. All balances and shipping costs (if needed) are due by the time puppies are six weeks old and the exact date your balance is due will be included in your contract. In the event that you decide not to purchase your puppy after placing the deposit, the deposit is transferable to another litter or dog but is not refundable. All costs for puppies that are over eight weeks old must be paid for in full a week prior to shipping or pickup.

We ship worldwide. Shipping charges include airfare, travel arrangements, shipping crate (200 to 300 series /medium for eight week old puppies), transportation to airport, air cargo fee, veterinary exam and international or intercontinental health certificate, which is required for travel. Shipping charges are based on a total weight of 50 lbs or less for the crate and eight week old puppy. Shipping for older puppies and adult dogs will cost more. We will obtain a shipping quote based on weight and crate size and send you a PayPal invoice for the amount, which must be paid prior to shipping.

We reserve the right to make first picks on all of our litters.

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